Viini Wine Lounge

Naming, identity, signage, illustration, messaging, communications and marketing strategy.

The German Bundesliga soccer club Bayer Leverkusen created a wine lounge within the stadium. A new logo and visual identity were needed to lift up the experience towards fine dining and premium entertainment while members watching the game.

The developed logo and visual identity allows flexibility in its use and features hand-drawn graphics that resemble wine being poured into a glass. The wide range of visual elements and forms allows for almost unlimited possibilities of new combinations of illustrations, making the theme very versatile in its use. Common elements, such as the use of the splash graphics, still provide for an overall harmony of the theme, creatively blending illustrations into the design and promoting its natural appearance.

Corporate Design Award 2012
iF communication design award 2013
Nominee for the German Design Award 2014

Freelance project commissioned by achtnullvier.


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